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We have time and again stressed the importance of safety of freights while forwarding them to a different destination. We realize that any damage to freights can cause a significant loss to our customer. Therefore we take essential safety measures to ensure that no harm is incurred while transportation. For this purpose, we also provide warehousing services to our customers.
Warehousing of freights essentially includes following
Adequate insured private warehousing space
Warehousing space at the ICD’s for storage of goods
  carted directly at these centres
Safe storage of goods
Control checks on entry and exit of goods
Help our clients to reduce fixed overheads. Increase efficiency, cut down valuable
  management time and offer great efficiency
Discerning the importance of safety of the freights, we, at Shri Shanmugar Services consistently take steps to improve on our warehousing services. With continuous feedback from our customers we have managed to bring about necessary changes as and when required.

Cargo Consolidation
Sending small consignments can be a cumbersome and expensive process. Therefore we offer our customers the option of consolidating their cargo into a full container. The consignment of our customer is collected and consolidated with other consignments at source place and deconsolidated at end destination by us. The customer remains practically free as regards any responsibility of consolidating and deconsolidating the consignment.

Cargo consolidation not only frees our customers of certain complicated tasks but it also saves them a considerable amount of time and expenses. The facilities offered under cargo consolidation are:
Transportation of cargo to the stuffing/consolidation point
Stuffing of cargo in the container
Custom process of air and shipping documents
Ensure that cargo reaches destination on time
De- consolidation and distribution of cargo according to their destination
Our cargo consolidation services are carried on and supervised by trained and experienced staff. Our conscientious staff give ample attention at every step so that the entire process runs smoothly and in accordance with the customers’ requirements. Fortunately, our services in this area have been immensely appreciated by our customers till now. We hope that in future also our service are up to mark and satisfy our customers.
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