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Our combination of local market know how and effective implementation of technology puts us in a unique and advantageous position.

As an effective outsourcing partner, we ensure that our customers enjoy the "Four Cs" -- Control, Collaboration, Creation, Convenience.

We put our customers in the position to command and control the flow of information pertaining to their shipments. We empower them to effectively interact and collaborate with both their trading partners and us, their service provider, in order to establish seamless supply chain operations.. Through such value-added service, we help them create more business by helping them achieve greater competitiveness. We strive to provide convenience to our customers through customized solutions and re-engineered processes to improve the total efficiency of their logistics.

Our customers can expect that every job we are given is the start of an opportunity to prove our worth to them. We value every opportunity and strive to ensure customer satisfaction in every interaction.

We ensure that they are constantly in control of the situation even when we are the ones undertaking the work. We do so by providing them critical information on a real-time basis 24x7. Our integrated logistics network allows our customer to interact with us and their business partners, such as buyers & suppliers, and share information readily in order to achieve operational excellence.

Some of our distinct benefits:

1. Customized Solutions for our Customers
We pay attention to your requirements and propose solutions that suit your needs -- no business is too small for us to consider customizing the way we work with you -- our customer.

2. We give our customers Visibility
We do not hide behind information. Instead we empower our customers with real-time information so that we are all on the same page. We provide our customers with information right on their desktops so that they are well informed and always in control. At any time they are able to obtain the current status of their goods and are always able to make on-line enquiries.

3. Track & Trace
Tracking & Tracing is a standard feature in our day-to-day work. Not only do we track and monitor our shipments through our state-of-the-art IT systems, we are able to do it in whichever way our customers want in terms of logistics milestones or event flow.

4. Control
As our customers are better informed, they are in better control of any exception that may arise. In the event of any deviation to their pre-set logistics plan, we provide alerts in the form of emails or
SMS text messages to their mobile phone 24x7.

5. Better Fulfillment Records
With our advanced tools and operational efficiency, we give our customers excellent service in their order or delivery fulfillment process. Through the analysis of our records, we are able to zero-in on exact bottleneck areas and effectively identify the problems and formulate appropriate solutions to resolve them. Our customers order fulfillment records are consequently improved.

6. Records and Documentation
We maintain various kinds of reports and records for our customers so that cycle-time studies can be done. We can also provide special records upon request. All shipment documents can be delivered electronically, for greater efficiency and timeliness.

7. Collaboration
We are able to collaborate and share information pertaining to the execution of the supply chain events. This is made possible through our IT systems, which integrate us with our customers and their suppliers/buyers. Information is always automatically synchronized.

8. Consistent Service Standard
Work with Shri Shanmugar Services, and you work with the best local company, which knows the local environment best. Our integrated operational and IT systems help us maintain consitently high service standards. We also monitor our agents to ensure consistently reliable performance.

9. Secure Information Flow
Security is paramount in any business transaction over the Web. With Shri Shanmugar Services systems, information transmitted is SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encrypted. Customers can define what information is displayed and to whom it is displayed. Their source is always protected and no party's identity is transmitted without their consent. You'll be pleasantly surprised to learn that despite our sophisticated approach, our charges are competitive with standard market rates.. Customers find us cost-effective and reasonable.

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