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  If you are looking for reliable Indian agent, we provide you with one-stop solution. Our integrated network means that you need to deal with only one company, streamlining all operations, financial and administrative functions.

All our partners are seamlessly integrated into an IT platform where we communicate, collaborate and share information in our day to day processes as logistics providers. We are all connected so that we can easily transmit/view shipment documents electronically. Because we are more efficient our customers enjoy better customer service.

There are many benefits to be derived:

Customized Solutions
No two customers are the same -- we customize our solutions to meet the needs of your customers. We possess the capabilities and the tools to ensure we can do that continuously. We dynamically configure how you (and your customers) wish to monitor the supply chain events and who should be notified when a milestone is achieved or delayed.

There is no lag-time in the flow of information. As soon as we know, you know as well. Hence you can always be in control and you can act proactively should the need arise. Should there be any exception to your plan, you can decide who should be informed, by way of email or even SMS text message via the mobile phone.

We provide you with real-time information (24x7) at your desktop and you can view status of your transactions, receive or send Pre-Alert documents, print them in your office, drill down to view details of the goods or generate and download reports on your supply chain events for further study. All these are available by simply clicking a few buttons.

Consolidation & Optimization
If you are looking for a consolidation centre for all your goods originating from various points, we can allow you to view and monitor the status of your cargo details/volume as and when they are received. That way you can decide how and when your goods are to be shipped. Accurate and fast information is the key to effective cost optimization. We provide this real-time & 24x7.
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